Receive a Money Transfer: Mobile Wallet

Receive a Money Transfer: Mobile Wallet

In selected countries, Ria can deposit funds into the beneficiaries mobile wallet allowing them to choose how and when they use these funds.

All cash pick up transactions to Senegal can be transferred directly to an Orange Money Mobile wallet account by following a few steps:


Steps to receive the funds on the Orange Mobile Wallet Account:

  • Dial #144#
  • Select  « 2 - Transfert  d’argent »  on the  menu
  • Select « 3 - Réception Internationale »
  • Choose «  2 -  Ria »
  • Select « 1 – Utiliser  mon code  Ria »
  • Enter  the  pin  code to  download  and  deposit  the  funds  on my  Orange  Money  account



This service offers a variety of options to customers, such as:  

  • Withdraw from 8.000 Orange Money locations at no additional cost.
  • The deposit and withdrawal of money,
  • The transfer of money from individual to individual,
  • Bill payment (telephone, electricity, water ...),
  • The purchase of goods and services in certain businesses,
  • The purchase of Orange telephone credit.
Receive a Money Transfer: Mobile Wallet